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Welcome to the official website of the Association for sustainable regional olive farming "Valdanos"

Association for sustainable development, regional collaboration and olive farming was established in October 2012. The association gathers olive farmers (growers and processors) from the municipality of Ulcinj. Valdanos is the name of the bay where is located a large complex of olive trees (over 18,000 ancient trees). Valdanos bay in 1968 was declared natural monument.

The objectives of the Association are:

– sustainable development, intensive regional cooperation between countries in the Balkans and the promotion and development of olive farming;
– the protection of natural resources, especially the protection of the existing fund of olive trees in the regional area of activity of the Association: regeneration, fertilization, land treatment, reconstruction of plantations (building dry stone walls), construction of access roads, as well as the protection of olives from livestock etc.;
– the provision of indigenous and high fertile olive varieties;
– the use of biological fertilizers (the lesser use of artificial fertilizers), the use of ecological means for olive protection;
– the fight against urbanization which destroys the olive fund in accordance with applicable legislation;
– the provision of professional advice and services to olive farmers;
– preserving the tradition of proprietary treatment and traditional bordering of old olive tree complex (with no physical barriers between properties) in Ulcinj;
– the contribution to the development of olive growing in Ulcinj, Montenegro and the Balkan region.

Activities conducted by the Association to fulfill its objectives are:

– providing expert advice to all members, especially to olive farmers (growers) in all stages of crop cultivation, providing expert advice about agro-technical measures, about protection and processing of olives;
– educating olive farmers and processors in order to produce quality olive oil and table olives;
– informing olive farmers about the activities of the Association, about the incentives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, about the recommendations of the competent services regarding the protection of olives from diseases and pests, about the workshops organized by the competent services etc.;
– procurement/distribution of seedlings, ecological protection means etc.;
– travel organization and participation in fairs and events of scientific, promotional and competitive character;
– promoting the use of professional regional clusters in order to develop olive farming;
– other activities in order to promote and develop olive farming.